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Which Medium Should I Use To Study The Old Masters?

For those studying the masters, once they have chosen which old master to study the next question is usually which medium to use and it’s a question that can be easily answered with some basic analysis and a solid process in place.

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Which Old Master Should I Study?

This article gives tips, advice and ideas on how to choose the best old master artist to study in order to learn, grow and become a better artist.

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Studying The Masters 101 – How to Look at Art

A common problem that art viewers and gallery or museum visitors share is that they can feel like they’re looking at the artworks, but not really seeing them. This can be an isolating feeling and cause a viewer to start doubting themself.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an art scholar or possess any natural talents in order to really see art, and analyse the works that really catch your eye.

In order to develop as an artist, especially an artist intent on Studying the Masters; being able to effectively break down and analyse art is an essential skill for the toolbelt. Without understanding a little about what is going on in an artwork, it would be difficult to truly study it and learn from it.

Studying The Masters Instagram Schedule –

  • #MasterpieceMonday
    A masterpiece posted on Mondays to start the week and get everyone inspired, usually a painting or sculpture.

  • #FigureFriday
    A figurative piece posted on Fridays and the main source material for the weekend’s study, usually a drawing.

  • #MasterStudyWeekend
    Everyone that is able to partakes in a master study for the weekend of the piece posted on the preceding Friday, we repost the studies to our socials every Sunday.

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